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Outsourcing as a measure against the crisis

The last economic crisis showed clearly that:

- Flexibility of production capacities enables to go through the economic depression without any serious damage. The best companies with regards to this capability are those that outsourced a substantial part of their production.

- A lean and on the core business focused company structure is not only a competitive advantage, but also serves as a means to fight the depression

- Production costs, unless constantly optimized also in the times of economic upturns may cause a collapse of the company in economic troubles

Our key expertise is „Outsourcing of Production Facilities“ and „Crisis Management“. We are experienced specialists for building or restructuring of production units in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), mainly in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia and Slovakia.

Our projects completed over the last 20 years have provided stable long-term job positions for up to 2,000 employees.

We have completed projects with varied “degree of outsourcing”, which helped us gain a unique base of experience foremost in the fields of machining, injection moulding and tooling.

The spectrum of our services ranges from support during the set-up of new production units in CEE countries, to being supplier of production services, i.e. on our own account building up a made-to-measure production plant according to the needs of the client, which we subsequently run. The ready products from this production unit are then supplied to the client based on a contractual relationship, without the client having to undertake any investments himself. This process spares the client’s time and expenses, as well as often considerable organizational issues that come up during the build-up and start-up of a new production unit in a country with different business culture.

We also offer our clients the option to either fully or partially take over this production unit once the production has stated and thus incorporate it into his own company structure.

Our seat is Brno, which has since the Middle Ages been a crossroad of important European trade routes heading from the north to the south, as well as from the east to the west. After the fall of the Iron Curtain at the beginning of the 1990’s, Brno became a dynamically evolving centre of trade and industry in the heart of the unifying Europe. That is what makes Brno an ideal base for taking advantage of the potential of developing markets in the CEE.
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